The European Commission has recently launched the EU Victims’ Rights Campaign on victims’ rights“I will keep my eyes open”.

The campaign aims to ensure that victims of crime and their friends and family understand their rights and that they feel empowered to use them. 

The campaign is going on the ground in the following 10 EU Member States: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. The campaign is aimed the social circle of victims of crime and victims themselves. The campaign deals with all victims of crime but there is a focus on five types of crime – gender-based violence, anti-LGBTIQ hate crime, xenophobic hate crime, violence against children, and violence against a person.

Kick-off events were held in all the 10 participating countries with a “Non-Blinking Challenge” that is inspired by a similar event by the Serbian artist Marina Abramovic. 

The campaign goes on from now until the beginning of April and appears mainly on billboards, public transportation and in the social media.

There many good reactions already about the campaign elements!

You are warmly invited to distribute the information about the campaign on the social media.

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