European Network on Victims' Rights

Management Team


is a lawyer, who has been acting since 2018 as a fulltime manager and Executive Board member at the Association of the European Network on Victims’ Rights (AENVR).


During her carrier in law, between 2010 and 2017 Aniella FERENCZI worked in various positions for the Office of Justice and for the Ministry of Justice of Hungary, in the field of crime victim compensation and support; compensation to victims of the communism and the holocaust; legal aid service; and probation service. As Head of Department, she was responsible for the policy making and supervising of those areas.

Besides her masters in legal sciences, Aniella FERENCZI holds BA in economics and postgraduate degree in Anglo-Saxon law and English-Hungarian legal translation.

At the Association, Aniella FERENCZI is responsible for the strategic planning and implementing of the professional activities of all branches of ENVR, and of the Association. She coordinates the task fulfilment of the Management of AENVR and the operational and administrative tasks linked to the running of the Association as legal entity.


is the newly arrived interim French Manager. (AENVR)


After a double bachelor in law and foreign languages (English/Arabic), Emma specialised in international law and geopolitics with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa Region. She started her professional life at the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and joined the Ministry of Justice later on. Since November, she is working at the Victim Support office, which is part of the Department of Access to Law, Justice and Victim Support of the Ministry.

Dorothea FAUST

acts at the Association on behalf of the German Ministry of Justice, as a part time


In her full time job, she works at the Secretariat of the German Federal Government Commissioner for Persons Affected by Terrorist and Extremist Attacks Committed on National Territory and for the German Federal Ministry of Justice.

She joined to the Management of AENVR in October 2022, where she is responsible for issues related to victims of terrorism and coordinates the EU network of Single Contact Points for victims of terrorism.


is member of the Executive Board of the Association, and beside this he has been member of the management team on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Security of The Netherlands since, the foundation of the ENVR. In 2017, he worked as a chief coordinator of the ENVR project.


Gerdjan HOEKENDIJK works at the Victims’ Rights and Policy department of the Ministry of Justice and Security of The Netherlands committed to the European Network on Victims’ Rights (ENVR) right from the start. As a policy planner, he’s responsible for issues related to the compensation for victims of criminal offences, research into victim related topics and international cooperation. Previously has was a policy planner in the field of corrections and an inspector of correctional institutions. He has graduated from university as Master of Business Administration (MBA).

At present he acts as a strategical advisor in the AENVR Management and supports the coordination of the tasks of the Association, the ENVR and the Management, and participates in the external representations of ENVR.


is a lawyer who has been working at the Association as part-time event and communication manager.


Besides his masters in legal sciences, he holds BA public administration. Following his service between 2004 and 2017 in the areas of victim support and legal aid, from 2018 he was responsible at the Ministry of Justice of Hungary for the policy making in the fields of legal aid, victim support, probation service, and private bankruptcy. At his present full time job he coordinates the Victim Support Centre in Kecskemét, Hungary.

At AENVR, Gábor BARTA fulfils logistical tasks of event organization, managing the technical update of the website and the ‘Find my victims support’ service and providing technical and administrative support to the implementation of the ENVR programmes.

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