European Network on Victims' Rights

Working method

ENVR is a generalist network, nevertheless there might be specified topics on the working programme. Both, in case of general issues or in case of specified ones, ENVR could function as a centre, so when dealing with specific questions, Member States can delegate the existing contact points or designate occasional experts dealing with the particular subject.

The Network organizes two Expert Meetings in each year, which are open for all Member States, and depending on the agenda, for experts outside of the ENVR.
The Expert Meeting will be the primary forum for exchanging views. A seminar is also organized with the autumn Expert Meeting in order to deepen discussion on a particular topic.

The events provide forum to explore challenges in the implementation and the effective application of relevant EU legislation and to find solutions by developing a common knowledge base with the aim of better access to justice by victims in each Member State.

The exchange of documents and relevant instruments is done by e-mail or by posting it on the website.

The secure interface of the website functions as a virtual conference space for professionals to make the exchange of best practices available between the Expert Meetings, and serves as a publishing tool for best practice, methodology, questionnaires and research.

Indeed, since it has a permanent structure, ENVR undertakes to conduct researches in order to contribute to the Union-wide policy knowledge, the EU-wide policy making, and underline the good practices across the EU.

Get in touch with us

If you need assistance in searching national support services, please use our ‘Find my victim support service’ tool. The tool is easy to access and use through our website and is available in 22 EU languages. If you would like to send a message to us, please use Contact