European Network on Victims' Rights

Role and objectives of ENVR

Access to justice by all victims of crime must be facilitated so that their rights are exercised in the most effective manner.

European Network on Victims’ Rights (ENVR) is a network consists of Member State policy makers and professionals acting in the field of victims’ rights.

Victims have been given wide range of rights by EU legislation as regards their position in the criminal proceedings as well as the minimum standards of victim support services shall be provided for them. The vision of the ENVR focuses on making the legislation operable in the practice through maintaining a living network among Member State professionals.

The aim of ENVR is to be a forum for discussing practical issues to enhance the implementation of relevant EU legislation into national law and the more effective practical application of the transposed law. The network can also reflect on EU level legislation regarding victims’ rights and what adjustments are preferable, moreover it can activate cooperation between governmental victim support institutions with a special focus on cross-border support cases. The aforementioned activities of the Network are implemented with the overall aim as ensuring access to justice for crime victims in Europe.

The objectives cover
  • the enhancement of victims’ access to their rights, to support and protection;
  • the facilitation of the transposition of European Union legislation concerning victims’ rights and the effectiveness of the transposed legislation in practice in all Member States;
  • the suggestion, where appropriate, of any possible areas for improvement of the European Union acquis in this field;
  • the enhancement of communication and cooperation among bodies and organs acting in the field of supporting victims of all Member States;
  • the supply of continuous access to professional information for all Member State professionals concerning victims’ rights;
  • the enhancement of cross-border cooperation among competent authorities of all Member States in the area of access to justice by victims;
  • the enhancement of cooperation with other organizations relating to victims’ rights in order to share and develop best practices on supporting of victims, on prevention of victimisation and on avoid secondary victimization.

The comprehensive professional objectives of the Network to develop a Union-wide common knowledge base in the victims’ rights area with a basic aim to increase coordination between European victim support systems and sharing good practices and instruments to implement victims’ rights. Participants of ENVR are active stakeholders in the knowledge base development, moreover they can rely on the results of it.

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