European Network on Victims' Rights

CZECH REPUBLIC – Specific measures during COVID-19 crisis

1) Good practices on communication with victims and crime reporting

Communication with victims during the pandemic times is carried out mostly online or by telephone. Providers of victim support services broadened the scope of consultancy by these means. The helpline 116006 recorded an increased number of calls related to domestic violence (in first 2 weeks of the state of emergency related to the pandemic there were 72 such calls, in the second 2 weeks of the state of emergency there were already 129 such calls).

2) Good practices on organisation of support and protection

Some of the providers of victim support services in the Czech Republic initiated cooperation with the Vodafone Foundation providing a free app called “Bright Sky” for (potential) victims of domestic violence and their relatives. This app contains all necessary information, an engine for risk assessment, a database of relevant support services, and a function for recording of pieces of evidence etc. As it is a mobile phone app, it can be a useful tool also during the times of quarantine.

3) Other good practices

An NGO providing support to victims of domestic violence carried out a campaign to inform the postmen and employees of delivery services, who may come in contact with victims of domestic violence “entrapped” in their homes, on how to recognize possible cases of domestic violence and how to help, including information on possible recommendation of the Bright Sky app.