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SPAIN – Specific measures during COVID-19 crisis

1) Good practices on communication with victims and crime reporting

Gender-based violence against women and minors:

The Ministry of Interior strengthens the protection of women victims of gender-based violence and health personnel with the new “SOS Button” in the AlertCops application:


2) Good practices on organisation of support and protection

Gender-based violence against women and minors:

Royal Decree-Law 12/2020 of 31 March on urgent measures for the protection and assistance of victims of gender violence

The measures adopted by the Spanish Government for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19 have had a particular impact on certain groups of particularly vulnerable people who must be protected by the Government, as women and minors victims of gender violence, who are a particularly vulnerable group in situations of domestic isolation, as they are forced to live with their aggressor, which places them in a situation of greater risk:


Action guide for women who are suffering from gender violence in a situation of home permanence derived from the state of alarm by COVID 19Ministry of Equality:


Hate crimes:

The Spanish Council on the Elimination of Racial or Ethnic Discrimination adopted on 13 April of 2020 the Recommendation “Avoiding discriminatory attitudes and discourses in the current context of health, social and economic crisis”:

3) Other good practices

Crime victims general support:

Victim Support Offices of the Ministry of Justice have provided crime victims with ongoing support and assistance during COVID-19 crisis, both face-to-face and telephone service. All the information regarding this service is available in English in this leaflet: VSO Ministry of Justice – SPAIN


The National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) is aware that isolation of the population to stop the virus has triggered the use of new technologies, both at a private and professional level. This is why INCIBE has launched #CiberCOVID19, a campaign aimed to help potential cybercrime victims to improve their cyber security, providing advice and solutions.

#CiberCOVID19 focuses its messages on three thematic lines:

  • Data protection.
  • Entertainment and education in cybersecurity.
  • Help for teleworking cyber insurance.

In addition to all the content published on social networks and INCIBE’s portals, victims of cybercrime can count on the help of 017, the free and confidential telephone line for all kinds of doubts and problems related to cybersecurity.


Psychological support for general population (potential crime victims):

In March the General Council of Psychology, alongside with the Ministry of Health, set up a telephone service of first psychological attention aimed at the general population with difficulties related to the alert and quarantine by COVID-19, relatives of deceased or sick people and health professionals and other participants: