European Network on Victims' Rights

NETHERLANDS – Specific measures during COVID-19 crisis

1) Good practices on communication with victims and crime reporting
  • It is now possible for victims of domestic violence to use a code word (Masker 19) at the pharmacy to call for help. The aim is to make it easier for victims, who in these times have more difficulty getting to a safe place, to report a case of domestic violence. The pharmacy will then follow the pre-existing protocol on domestic violence. (
  • A special campaign has been launched on tv, radio and social media to refer people, both victims as well as spectators, to a special government website on domestic violence ( and the phone number of Veilig Thuis (the organisation for domestic violence).
  • In order to make it easier for victims to report a situation of domestic violence, especially in cases where the perpetrator is continuously at home, the organisation for domestic violence (Veilig Thuis) can now be reached on WhatsApp or on chat in certain regions. The chat feature should be available in more regions soon. (
2) Good practices on organisation of support and protection
  • Although the schools were closed until the 11th of May, emergency daycare at school was available for children of essential workers as well as for children in a vulnerable home situation (including domestic violence).
  • The national victims support services (Slachtofferhulp Nederland) has increased digital contacts while its employees worked from home, for example through the phone or via a chat feature. Their services remained as unchanged as possible. ( )
3) Other good practices