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FRANCE – Specific measures during COVID-19 crisis

1) Good practices on communication with victims and crime reporting

On communication with victims

Information campaign on reporting and protection mechanisms is ongoing, particularly with regard to domestic violence, violence against minors and specific groups such as LGBT people. The websites of the Ministry of Justice ( and are taking part in this campaign by providing information on reporting[1] and protection[2] mechanisms, as well as information on how the courts operate during this period[3]. At the local level, victim support associations have also carried out communication activities in the local media.




On crime reporting

2) Good practices on organisation of support and protection

  • The violence against women (3919) and children at risk (119) hotlines have been reorganized or strengthened to cope with the increase in calls. The victim support platform (116006) is working as well.
  • Local victim support associations have adapted their way of working, using different means of communication and being more proactive to contact victims.

3) Other good practices

A telephone platform was set up in April by the National Council of Bars (Conseil national des barreaux) in order to answer questions from professionals – in particular pharmacists, doctors, police officers, gendarmes, listening associations…. – brought to take care of victims of domestic violence during confinement. It allows requests to be referred to a lawyer with territorial competence and the ability to obtain a protection order. This number has been operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since April 11. In addition, several bar associations organise a specific hotline for victims of domestic violence.

4) Additional information

Documents to download (in French language):